The 5 Golden Rules of Online Betting


1) Do Not Gamble Drunk

What’s the first thing that happens to you when you enter a casino?

You get given a free drink. Alcohol makes you lose your discipline and it is very easy to lose your money as well.

Generally in a casino if you are too drunk you should be refrained from gambling, if you are betting in the comfort of your own home these rules do not apply so you must take care to police yourself!

2) Choose a Good Site

The best sports betting site is one that you can trust.

You need to trust that the free bet rules are fair. You need to trust that you can withdraw your money when you win and you need to trust that you have a fair chance of winning.
Make sure you pick a site that lets you get your money back fast. Some sites have lengthy waiting periods from when you request your money – this is to keep the winnings in your account to tempt you into betting again!

A reputable site like Sky Bet allows for an instant withdrawal and gets funds back into your bank within 2 days.

Some sports betting site will offer you a free bet with no deposit needed to sign up as a new player. This type of offer should be looked at very carefully as it is not always easy to withdraw your winnings. A free bet without having to deposit fund will require a “wagering requirement” to be met before winnings can be withdrawn, in some cases this could mean you have to play that money fifty times over before you can take out your winnings!

It may be wiser to make a small deposit and look at a more reputable and rewarding deposit bonus.

For example SKY offers a £20 Free Bet when you place a £5 Bet. This type of offer is great because you only need to deposit £5; you place a bet and get 2 X £10 bet voucher. You cannot withdraw these vouchers but any winnings you make with them can be withdrawn!

This is a very fair bonus that gives you a good chance of actually seeing your winnings.

3) Register Correctly

When you sign up to an account in order to get a free bet you should double check that you do not already have an account with the site. Also you might have an account with a related website.
For Example If you are an existing Sky Bingo customer and you wish to place a sports bet you will not qualify for a Free £20 Skybet Bonus when you deposit £5 if you sign up as a new Sky Bet user.

Do not try and abuse the bonus system of online bookmakers – they are very clever! Your personal details such as IP address, name, card details, will all be checked and you will not receive a bonus if you are trying to reregister a player account.

4) Do Not Chase Losses

Online gambling has its ups and downs, it is vital that when you face a loss you do not attempt to pour more money into the site to try and regain your loss.

You should have a betting plan in place when you start and try and stick to it.

Attempting to regain the money you have lost is going to end badly.

5) Look out for a bonus code box

Do not presume that just because you clicked through a link that says Get a Free £20 Bet that you will automatically receive the offer.
Keep your eyes peeled for a bonus code box! If there is one then go back and make sure you grab the code.

If you forget your code and you are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy bookmaker you may find that you can contact customer services and they will adjust your account to include the bonus.

Don’t be afraid to ask, the big name bookies are usually very accommodating.

Skybet’s £20 Free Bet offer does not require a bonus code, simply sign up as a new user to receive your free £20.