Guide to Betting on Football

Our Guide to Betting On Football Guide to Football Betting

Online betting has completely changed the way we bet on football. These days it is possible to sign up to a football betting site and be able to place a bet within a matter of minutes. There are so many sites around that we could not possibly list them all on this site! There are so many white labels around that new sites are popping up every week and with big budget TV advertising as well! Notably the most recently of these was during the Brazil world cup a new site arrived with a big TV presence – 666 Bet.

When you wish to make a football bet online you can pick from a massive amount of games, most likely the entire top flight games from the significant leagues throughout the world. In football betting you have a lot of choice. You don’t just need to place a bet on a single outcome of a game – you can play any number of markets related to a game. You can bet on the number of corners, the number of red cards or yellow cards, the number of goals or the final score, and even place a bet on who will be the first or the last player to score a goal.

When you are trying to place a bet on the football it’s vital that you choose the right site to do so. The variety of sites has never been greater and there is a good opportunity to clean up on a quality bonus. With this choice being so overwhelming you really need to check out our sites top 5 sports betting sites to make sure you can get a site with a good bonus offering. In football betting it is not uncommon to see enhanced odds offers used to bring in new customers. An enhanced sign up offer is where the odds are increased for new customers to replace a bonus. This is usually paid in the form of a free bet and the odds that you are given will most likely be on the favourites to win a particular football match.

Don’t start betting on the football without a budget in mind. Sign up to a site and take the free bonus and then make sure you set an account limit. This is easy to do and you can usually find it in your “account settings”. If there is no option in the account settings then it is worth emailing or calling the betting provider to make sure they can action your request. This will really help you not spend too much or get into a situation where you are betting more to chase previous losses – this is a fatal error for those that are enjoying gambling.

There are always risks involved in gambling on football. The fact that you are placing your bet on a team sport makes it more likely to go to form then if you were betting on an individual sport – say snooker or darts. The individual can be off form on any given day but generally a team will be able to carry some off form players and if they are generally the better team the likelihood is they will beat lesser opposition more times than not. That being said it always pays to do your research! Look at the team line up’s, does the better team have a few key injuries? Does this make it likely that the underdog will win? Stats can really play a key part in deciding who you bet on, looking at the form table over the league table can help.