Betting Guides

Looking to make that first online bet? Betting Guides

Our listed guides start with the very basic betting concepts of each sport! We will explain the basic odds calculations and the way in which online bookmakers present these to you. We will explain the systems in place and the different types of bets you can find for a particular sport.

Online betting can sometimes be a bit overwhelming as there as so many bookmakers online that are offering you a sports betting service. Our sports reviews help you understand the merchants that are out there and explain a bit more about the features that you might like to compare when placing a bet on the web. We recommend you look through all the reviews and compare the bonuses, sign up offers and other features that matter to your choice of online bookmaker.

The betting guides found on Bonus Choice contain some of the most current information regarding bookmakers and can make a real difference to you winning or losing! If you understand which bookmakers have the best current special bonus offers then you have a good chance of turning that initial bonus into a much bigger pile of cash!

If you are new to online betting the systems and variety of betting options can be concerning, especially when it is your actual cash you are betting and not a free bonus. We provide guides and hints and tips for most categories of betting – this can also include online casinos and bingo rooms. When there is a new sporting event coming up on the calendar that is worth looking at we will provide you with all the info you need.

Our guides explain the types of bets that are available – Do you know the difference between a Yankee and a Canadian? I expect you are thinking that one eats moose and the other doesn’t eh? Well this is why you need the guides! A Canadian (otherwise known as a super yankee!!) is made up of 26 bets where as a Yankee is 11! Usually for both of these bets a minimum of 2 results is needed for you to win. You will find further details of this in our Guide to the types of bets.

Our guides also cover the very basics of joining an online bookmaker – how to open an account, what restrictions are involved, who has the best sign up offer, what type of sports do each bookmaker specialise in. All these questions are covered in the betting guides.